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> So basically those who believe such things would tend to escalate all
> the way up to mortal combat more quickly and sometime operate in
> fearless mode generally.   Such folks also may more readily and without
> reservation push their agendas...

Yes and even this is an understatement.  There is a line in
a song that goes "Freedom's just another word for nothing
left to lose..."  Those who have nothing are judgment-proof.
When we expect a long life on this earth, we have a lot to
lose.  When one has assets, one is judgment-vulnerable, and
is thus reluctant to escalate conflicts.

For instance I can imagine some Co$ guru reading my online
comments and saying: Hey one of you dopers, here's spike's
address, someone go over there and trip over something in
his yard so we can sue him. 

> Of course we fight back using whatever means are the most effective and
> the least destructive of our values including our irreplaceable self.
> But how many things do we just let slide assuming perhaps that we
> brainy ones will invent some out before the consequences chew up our
> life?
> - samantha

Samantha you and I may have different emphases on this
question.  As I recall you are one who is concerned with
the patriot act and its spawn.  We have those on this list 
who feel that we have no true freedom without anonymity. We 
are seeing a definite loss of freedom today in the fight 
against identity theft.  

I am one who watches our loss of freedom in the form
of the runaway problem of liability, or our growing 
vulnerability to being sued by grifters.  This
has been a good news week for me, watching the Michael
Jackson case and the Wendy's finger in the chili case.  Now,
I suspect Jackson probably did weird things with kids, I do
not wish to be thought of as his defender or admirer, but 
I suspect even more strongly that this particular case was 
a set-up, and that he will walk out free.  As for Wendy's,
I seldom dine there, but I will likely do so in the future
to show solidarity with them.  I notice that the woman who
found the severed digit has taught her daughter well, for
when the local constabulary raided their house, her arm
was injured, as evidenced by the sling she is now 
wearing.  That arm would feel much better of course,
should they dump a pile of cash upon it. 



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