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The Avantguardian wrote:

>--- Dirk Bruere <dirk at neopax.com> wrote:
>>Or, if Zen Budhhism, that there is no 'self' at any
>      Dirk, you are shit on a stick. Go sit under a
>bodhi tree until you burst into flame. Let me know if
>I can be any help. Took me a motorcycle accident where
>I almost died and three months in a wheel chair before
>I grocked. 
I've done enough acid to have seen several POV.
I rather favour Minsky's  Society of Mind when it comes to explaining 
that kind of stuff.
However, one conclusion I have come to is that there is probably a 
minimal neural structure that defines 'consciousness' or 'self 
awareness', and that it is common to all people. It doesn't need memory, 
or sensory input and doesn't seem to do a lot but it is all that we 
experience in a non-machine -like manner.

>>That's a complex issue and one which has still not
>>been resolved to the 
>>satisfaction of the majority of physicists.
>>Ditto the question of whether math is invented or
>>discovered, or a 
>>combination of the two.
>When the universe plays hide and seek with itself, it
>plays to win.
Does it?
Or do we prop it up?
Or perhaps like Greg Egan's Quarantine we reduce it from what it could be to what it is.


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