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Mon Apr 18 22:44:08 UTC 2005

The question is does the commonly pooled money actually go just to 
creating commonly held things like
public domain technological development, socials support employment and 
education safety nets,
and universally acessible infrastructure or is it pissed away  elsewhere 
for no good reason.

We here in Canada saw a billion spent for a national gun registry which 
simple RFID tracking will make obselete.
We are overpoliced and under protected.
We are now in the midst of a government corruption scandal that will see 
another 250 million $ election
just to change the color of the rats on the deck in the next month or so.
Hundreds of millions went into a scam based on national unity which saw  
tens of millions funnelled to
political friends for work not done or done for no earthly good 
reason...that being the cause of the election.
We have millions spent to fight pot, while drug companies spend millions 
to market pharma from pot,
we have govt trying to be into all parts of this thinking it can scam 
jobs and work for its own ballooning civil service on both sides of 
every fence and achieving something just short of chaos as near as 
anybody looking at the entire picture can see.

And I could go on ... but that would be just a waste of valuable minutes 
of my life.

An electronically tracked transparent government process may happen 
soon...... but not soon enough for me.

Good AI, Grid based information exchange, RFID and other integrated 
total information awareness that is transparent to all
individuals would be a step in the right direction.

Without secrets you don't need very much  much law enforcement.


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