Small government was Re: [extropy-chat] EMP Attack?

Joseph Bloch jbloch at
Wed Apr 20 02:45:42 UTC 2005

Mike Lorrey wrote:

>I find your characterization of my commentary as 'fanatical' to be
>fantastical, your claim that I endorse it to be wrong (lie number

Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike. Your ongoing claims about my "lies" keep getting 
busted. Here's bust #3:

 > Mike Lorrey wrote:
 > If people realized they didn't owe it, we could do that overnight
 > (see

That's from your post on 4/18 at 7:27 PM. You cite the scam website as 
proof that people don't owe taxes. Yet, people who try it end up in jail.

Face it; taxes are legit.  But do you put your money where your mouth 
is? We still don't know...

>and asking someone about their tax relationship with the
>government is not just rude and offensive (demanding they disclose it
>is incredibly offensive), it is a logical fallacy. Have you ever
>happened to have read the fifth amendment?

I'm surprised a libertarian activist such as yourself doesn't realize 
that the Bill of Rights only limits government actions and not 
individuals' actions. Or are you also about to claim that the First 
Amendment lets you say whatever you want on WBZ? I'm just a private 
citizen, asking a simple question (hardly a "demand", except inasmuch as 
your evasion undermines your own point about those cockamammie 861 scams).

You endorse an Internet tax-evasion scheme, and I ask if you've tried it 
yourself. It's a simple enough question, Mike, and a simple answer would 
go a long way towards giving credence to your side of things.

But I find your evasiveness to be quite telling.


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