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Wed Apr 20 03:55:58 UTC 2005

It is not cockamammey.  The law was purposefully made obtuse and 
confounding even to experts who themselves can not really understand it 
due to sheer volume.  That itself is a great evil.   The Constitution 
does put some limits on the power to tax that most of the obfuscation 
is designed to evade.   It is surely a good thing to seek to clarify 
what the hell the mess really means.  Throwing people in jail who 
attempt to do so shows a callous disregard for the rule of law on the 
part of the state.  Trying to scare people into not questioning the 
State means the State can do whatever it wants with impunity from you.  
There is no way in hell you have enough knowledge in this area to say 
what the law is.

- samantha

On Apr 18, 2005, at 5:52 PM, Joseph Bloch wrote:

> Adrian Tymes wrote:
>> --- Joseph Bloch <jbloch at> wrote:
>>> Even better; have you tried telling the IRS that you don't owe any
>>> taxes yet?
>> I did.  They agreed.  :)
> You know what I mean.
> If you follow Mike's advice, that nobody owes taxes because of some 
> cockamammey tortured legal argument that nobody believes, you're going 
> to be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Managing deductions and exploiting 
> acknowledged loopholes in the tax code is not what we're talking 
> about.
> You follow the advice on the website Mike recommended, you're breaking 
> the law.
> Joseph
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