[extropy-chat] Re: Small government

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 21 20:16:23 UTC 2005

--- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> The Bush adminstration is not a government based
> on respect for the law its a government based on an understanding
> of how to capture critical wedges of a largely faith-based and
> superstitious population.

It's not just the Bush administration.  Congress almost seems to be
even worse on this account - although that may just be due to
amplification of effect from their being the ones who write the law.
(It is harder to use well, what one does not respect.)

> I think the "PostHuman era" is actually further away now than it was
> pre the re-election of the Bush government.

Hear, hear.  (At least, if one calculates the probabilities and gets
the expected time of arrival, rather than the absolute historical value
which will only be known after it happens.)

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