[extropy-chat] Mice-hibernation scientist to help form Ikaria Inc.

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Sun Apr 24 11:05:15 UTC 2005

Seattlepi.com <http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/221323_ikaria23.html>-
Seattle cell biologist Mark Roth and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Center are teaming up to form Ikaria Inc., a new biotechnology company that 
seeks to use Roth's discovery of inducing hibernation in mice to help humans 
with organ transplants, trauma and cancer care.
Word of the new company follows yesterday's publication of Roth's 
groundbreaking study in the edition of Science.
The company does not yet have a chief executive, said Spencer Lemons, a 
Hutch technology transfer executive who is overseeing the discovery that was 
done at the Seattle research institute.
Roth, a Hutch researcher and the study's lead investigator, discovered that 
oxygen deprivation in mice led to a reversible state of hibernation. For 
doctors who need to stop bodily functions, this discovery gives hope that 
the same process could be done in humans, especially for cancer and trauma 
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