[extropy-chat] Human - Posthuman gap (was: Spain has become the third country in Europe to legalise gay marriage)

Rik van Riel riel at surriel.com
Sun Apr 24 18:34:51 UTC 2005

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, ben wrote:

> I'm not arguing with your basic premise, but i would argue with the
> above statement. I reckon it's almost certain that there will be a
> *much* bigger gap between (many) posthumans and humans than that between
> birds and humans. I'd be very surprised (and disappointed) if that
> wasn't so.

You're right.  At least, I hope you are ;)

My main hope for posthumanity is diversity - way more diversity
than what is possible within a single species, with cultural
diversity to match the biological diversity.

As for whether the part of posthumanity that looks just like us
will be a majority or minority, I suspect that will depend
entirely on which groups of posthumans will colonise the most
living space and experience the largest population expansion.

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are,
by definition, not smart enough to debug it." - Brian W. Kernighan

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