[extropy-chat] TransColloquium Meeting: Dealing with New Pope's Campaign

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Apr 25 17:13:52 UTC 2005


Extropy Institute is calling for a meeting at the TransColloquium for 
Transhumanist organizations to discuss strategies for dealing with the 
potential for conflicts that might arise from the Pope's declaration 
concerning the moral relativism and the "cultural wars". This is a global 
issue for transhumanity.

ExI will be sending out an invitation later for a meeting in May. If your 
organization would like to suggest a meeting date and time, please let me 
know by Wednesday. It would be helpful if those of you who receive this 
message to forward it to other transhumanist organizations and groups.

Pope Benedict’s Campaign

NPR's Monday morning edition:

Pope Benedict Warns Against Moral Relativism
  by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Morning Edition, April 25, 2005 • The new leader of the Roman Catholic 
Church has denounced moral relativism, the idea that moral principles have 
no objective standards. Pope Benedict XVI has characterized it as the major 
evil facing the church. Some observers believe he is taking a stance in the 
tense cultural wars in the United States."

I hope you all will work us. It will be a first time that we have a global 
issue to work together on and plan a strategy. I think we can make headway 
as a culture and a meaningful contribution to our future.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Natasha Vita-More
Cultural Strategist

Extropy Institute, President

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