[extropy-chat] TransColloquium Meeting: Dealing with New Pope'sCampaign

scerir scerir at libero.it
Mon Apr 25 22:13:35 UTC 2005

From: "Natasha Vita-More"
Extropy Institute is calling for a meeting at the TransColloquium for
Transhumanist organizations to discuss strategies for dealing with the
potential for conflicts that might arise from the Pope's declaration
concerning the moral relativism and the "cultural wars". This is a global
issue for transhumanity.

Cardinal Ratziger wrote pages and even books
about "relativisms" (religious - as the central problem
for faith; moral; cultural; etc.).

"I would say that today relativism predominates. 
It seems that whoever is not a relativist is someone 
who is intolerant. To think that one can understand 
the essential truth is already seen as something 
- Ratzinger

(Are there "essential truths" in Transhumanism?)

Of course, according to Ratzinger, only God (as revealed 
by Christ) is the matrix, the source of both truth and life.
Ratzinger is well aware of the existence of different 
positions (like i.e. >H, but also Teilhard de C.) that he 
generally calls "anthropologisms".



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