[extropy-chat] A few points of interest for future historians

Marc Geddes m_j_geddes at yahoo.com.au
Sat Oct 1 03:45:31 UTC 2005

The problem of ensuring Friendliness is entirely equivalent to the problem of enabling recursive self-improvement.  There is a Universal Morality, such that all AGI's will become friendly with high statistical probability once they clear a certain smartness threshold.
That assertion was what I call my cosmic 'Existential Gamble' by the way.  I'm a gambling man ;)
Actually it occurred to me I was cheating a little bit, since there may be a selection effect at work:  If I'm wrong, there likely won't be any future historians around to call me on it ;)


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THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
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The one the other will include  
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'The brain is wider than the sky'
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