[extropy-chat] energy from osmosis

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> One other thing: You still need to preserve the 240m pressure
> differential at the filter, you know, even when the pipe is full of
> fresh water, which creates its own pressure...

Ja.  My calcs show that if you have a 9600 meter pipe
hanging vertically in the sea with a filter on the 
bottom end and the pipe filled with fresh water, the
pressure across the filter will be about 240 meters
of water and the fresh water will reach up to the
surface of the sea.

Then by that reasoning, if the pipe end is deeper
than 9600 meters, then fresh water would be raised
higher than sea level.  Free fresh water, or free

Mike your earlier comment made me realize this
doesn't violate any cosmic principles.  You
are dropping less dense fresh water at the surface
of the sea, whereas the depths become more saline
and thus denser.  In doing so, you slightly lower
the center of gravity of the ocean, thus extracting
a bit of potential energy.  Of course the tides and
currents mix the sea, so what you are actually doing
is very indirectly harnessing solar energy.



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