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23 September 2005
University Of Leicester Study Reveals Diversity And Impact

Of Stalking 

Study supported by the Network for Surviving Stalking (NSS)

The world's most comprehensive stalking survey carried out by Dr Lorraine
Sheridan of the University of Leicester reveals the devastating impact of
stalking in the UK and USA. Unfortunately, victims are not the sole
Results unveiled today (Friday September 23) reveal that virtually all
victims of stalking suffer severe emotional and physical effects, and that
financial losses have ranged between £20 to £4 million.
And the study carried out in the University of Leicester's School of
Psychology reveals that anyone - not just celebrities - can become the
victim of a stalker.
Dr Sheridan said: "The work carried out at the University of Leicester over
the last seven years has told us that normal people, not celebrities, are
the vast majority of stalking victims."
"We also know that anyone can become the victim of a stalker, and that
individual stalkers will have very different motives."
"This study has examined for the first time the far-reaching effects that
stalking has, not only on its victims, but also on numerous third parties.
Stalking is a major issue that touches millions of lives but people have so
many misconceptions about it."
The study found:
*    The youngest victim of stalking in the survey was aged 10 - the oldest
aged 71
*    Half of all victims were told by friends and family that they were
'over reacting' or 'being paranoid'
*    Abuse of pets is one of many methods employed by stalkers
*    The average number of people directly affected in a stalking case was
21. Such persons included: the victim's children, the victim's partner's
parents, strangers, the victim's neighbours, and the victim's work contacts

Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester,
and a Chartered Forensic Psychologist. She has been researching stalking
behaviour since 1996, and her research has taken an applied, interventionist
angle. She has published widely in the area, including more than 20 academic
papers and an edited book. Dr Sheridan frequently gives presentations and
training to professionals involved in investigating stalking related crimes,
and also compiles reports related to potential stalking offenders,
highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. More info:
Network for Surviving Stalking (NSS) is a Berkshire based charity founded by
Tracey Morgan who endured years of harassment at the hands of a former work
colleague. NSS provides help, support and information for those affected by
stalking and harassment. In 1997, largely as a result of Tracey's
persistence in pursuing a new stalking law, the Government introduced the
anti-stalking Protection from Harassment Act (PHA). For more information
about stalking and advice log onto: www.nss.org.uk

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