[extropy-chat] energy from osmosis

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> Any ways, well done, Spike. That is a GREAT idea. Even
> if it is just a dribble instead of a gushing fountain
> you may have figured out a way to desalinate ocean
> water, essentially for free...

Thanks but it wasn't my idea, as much as I would
love to take credit for it. A friend posed it as a
brain teaser, but didn't know himself what
was wrong with it.  He assured me something
must be wrong, since it is a perpetual motion
machine.  I realized today it is not perpetual:
it would run down eventually.  It is a verrry
indirect way of harnessing solar energy.

It needn't be a dribble either.  The pipe can
be made arbitrarily large.

> Considering that nothing
> says the pipe has to be straight once it reaches the
> surface...

It doesn't have to be straight *before* it reaches
the surface either.  It can go over mountains and
valleys under the sea, just so long as the filter
end is below 9800 feet and the other is at
sea level.

The Mariana Trench goes down to about 11000 meters,
so theoretically fresh water could be pumped to
about 35 meters above sea level.

> you might have invented the giant bendy straw
> that could cause the Sahara to bloom...
> The Avantguardian

The Sahara or the Panamint Valley, also known
as Death Valley.  We have a nice *below sea
level* place to dump the fresh water.


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