[extropy-chat] energy from osmosis

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 3 04:37:41 UTC 2005

Its one of those glitches caused by these durn newfangled

computing devices.  Please stand by, do not attempt to

adjust your set.


The older ones among us will perhaps recall the 

classic 1960s sci-fi show the Outer Limits.  They always 

claimed to take control of your TV:  "Do not attempt to

adjust your set..."  Back in those days there were a lot

of actual controls on televisions, such as horizontal

hold and vertical hold, all of them gone long ago.  Just

before Outer Limits came on, I messed up the horizontal

hold just to see if they would fix it.  They didn't.  Some

extraterrestrials, hell they can't even operate a 



When I was thinking of ExI cultural references that

everyone here would get without a second of thought,

but no one outside that culture would be able to get

even with the help of Google, the very best example I

thought of is 


The _ _ _ _girl News, by _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _.







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I just got an email saying I am not a member of this list anymore?



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