[extropy-chat] A few points of interest for future historians

Marc Geddes m_j_geddes at yahoo.com.au
Mon Oct 3 04:43:26 UTC 2005

>Addendum: with that post Marc, you have struck the moderated posters list.


Fair enough spike.  I knew I probably would get moderated but unfortunately it had to be said.  Cheers!
>This type of posting does not add value to this list.  If you or anyone can 
>enlighten otherwise, please do so.

I apologize Natasha.


My reputation as the official 'bad boy' of transhumanism is now cemented.  I have my leather jacket, boots, pirate sign and an underground hide-away someone in the Australian out-back.  I'm just itching to get my hands on loads of computing power and I'm crazy, I'm f***king crazy ;) 


Seriously though, I promise there¡¯ll be no more bad posts from me on the Extropy list.  I've taken my medicine.


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Science, Sci-Fi and Philosophy


THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
  For, put them side by side,  
The one the other will include  
  With ease, and you beside. 

-Emily Dickinson

'The brain is wider than the sky'
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