[extropy-chat] energy from osmosis

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> As I mentioned earlier, if you heat your fresh water on the inside of
> the pipe, a few meters above the osmosis filter, you should reduce its
> density throughout the rest of the pipes water column even more, thus
> creating a greater pressure differential and pushing your water higher
> for a given depth.  Mike Lorrey...

Ja I saw that comment about heating, however water
absorbs so much energy while raising its temperature
so little.  One calorie per gram degree C is an
anomalously high specific heat, but water is
such a bizarre substance anyway.  Were it not so
common, we would be constantly amazed at its 
weirdness.  I admire this in a liquid.

Heating water to lift it doesn't sound right to
me.  The really interesting question is whether
the fresh water fountain would work, assuming we
put aside ordinary engineering difficulties.  It
is intriguing that the engineering difficulties need
not be put *too far* aside.  Nothing we have
proposed is very difficult from either a materials
or a construction perspective.



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