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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
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a) printed at home
b) grown in a vat
c) compiled in a nanocompiler

Electronics also likely won't be electronic. It will be either
biological or mechanical, or a combination of the two. Think of the
Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. Nanoscale rod logic, for example, as
described in Diamond Age, would be compiled. The nanites used by the
Drummers in the Diamond Age is another good example: small computer
robots travelling around your blood stream, tapping into your neural
system, doing I/O exchange with your own brain.

Look at it this way: the average human has a 4 liter blood circulatory
capacity, most of which is plasma. You can do without a liter of it
without difficulty, particularly you can do without 500 cc of plasma
without health impact. Platelets, as well, don't do much when they are
not clotting up wounds. They are inert mass. How about a machine that
replaces a platelet, can function as a platelet if need be (as well as
actually repair structures actively), and can also monitor ones health,
compute, store data needed by the brain, can network others in the
body, and output data in digital format for external computers or a
broader exonet.

The human brain is typically 1000-1500 cc. Adding another 500 cc of
memory, of computational logic, etc would be a huge boost for personal

--- "nvitamore at austin.rr.com" <nvitamore at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> Does anyone have an idea of what electronic (manufacturing) might be
> in the
> next 100 years?  
> Any and all ideas welcome.  (This is for a potential client and your
> ideas
> will be credited to you.) 
> Natasha
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