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Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 04:06:47 UTC 2005

> Think of Odo from Star Trek.

  The combining of structural components with biological
structures in a self replicating and self repairing
 Essentially the entire human body or what might appear to be a human body
would be also a computational structure.
The consciousness might be somewhat distributed and
duplicated to backup information loss if injury happens.
There might be one or more coordinating core structures
to replace our present 2 hemispheres of brain.
 These computational organisms would be linked into a grid
network by various wireless and contact methods.
 These will be our grandchildren. Human structures out of
nostalgia, but like odo able to shift their shape and body
appearance by a sheer computationally driven
organomechanical reorganization, like a rubic's cube or 3D
 Just my first thought... who knows....??

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