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> Minor oops again, but at least I'm getting closer.
> In Hal's scenario of a semi-permeable pipe, water
> appears in the pipe when the bottom reaches about
> 240 meters.  If lowered some distance below that,
> say another 100 meters, then there is fresh water
> 102.5 meters deep.  In the bottom half of that 102.5
> meters, water is coming in.  In the top half of that
> 102.5 meters, water flows out.  Water flows upward
> in the pipe, with maximum flow at the midpoint, and
> no in or out flow thru the membrane at that point.
> The process is driven by the energy of falling
> salt.

Okay, so you don't need to raise the water above sea level to get work
out, you put in a turbine at the 240m level.

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