[extropy-chat] a surprising quote

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Wed Oct 5 23:48:23 UTC 2005

Damien wrote:

> The terrifying acceleration of history brought us by technology can be 
> overcome by a revolution of the mind, a poetic revolution. Politics are 
> the enemy; they reduce everything to a false two-dimensional image of our 
> needs and our fate. We need much more than that.
> It is on the level of the paramyth, of the philosophical dream, that we 
> will find all the answers that we need. The blinding utopia! And I have no 
> doubt that very soon the first examples of the new literature, of the new 
> esoteric fiction, will appear and that it will immediately change the face 
> of the world, by magic as it were.
> --Maurice Girodias
> [if you don't know, Google is yr friend]

I didn't know of Maurice Girodias.

I'm not sure why you find this surprising. I'm guessing its because of
*when* Maurice Girodias said it, and the literature and perhaps
subculture he seems to anticipate.

I'd find it surprising if say Marcus Aurelius had said it. But that
*someone* would say something very like the above after 1930
doesn't surprise me.

Brett Paatsch 

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