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There were certainly quite a few singularity-related articles in the media
last week, mostly regarding Kurzweil's new book.

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Portals: A back-cover brush with a high-tech seer and his
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
*...* by some of the suppliers of blurbs on the back of the new Ray Kurzweil
book, "The *Singularity* Is Near.". Mr. Kurzweil is well-known in *
technology* circles as a *...*

2 way-out views of *technology's* role in shaping the
San Francisco Chronicle - United States
*...* "The *Singularity*" argues that *technology* is a continuation of the
life-improvement process commonly called evolution. DNA created biological
life forms. *...*
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FAQ: Keeping pace with robots<http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-5889478.html>
*...* distant future in a historic moment called the *Singularity*. At that
point--Kurzweil pegs it at the year 2045--the exponential advance of *
technology* will see a *...*

Which way will *technology* take
Boston Globe - United States
*...* So before we dismiss Kurzweil's *Singularity*, we should remember that
what sounds wildly *...* World War II was ended with *technology* that
didn't exist when the war *...*

They're out there <http://www.statenews.com/article.phtml?pk=32129>
The State News - East Lansing,MI,USA
*...* Since *technology* is available in every form from cell phones to *...
* growing in popularity in science fiction literature: nanotechnology and
"The *Singularity*.". *...*

Nanotubes - Understanding the Properties of Carbon and Boron
AZoNano.com - World
If nanotube *technology* is to reach its full commercial potential, the
ability to *...* The location of the van Hove *singularity*, which for
example impacts optical *...*

Will the Future Be a Trillion Times
New York Times - United States
*...* The *Singularity* Is Near," the inventor and prognosticator Ray
Kurzweil postulates that we are fast approaching a time when humankind melds
with *technology* to *...*

*Singularity*" is Here <http://www.inc.com/articles/2005/09/kurzweil.html>
Inc.com <http://Inc.com> - New York,NY,USA
*...* take away from "The *Singularity* is Here"? A: One important lesson,
which the whole book makes, is to really understand these models of *
technology* and plan for *...*

The *Singularity* Is
Wall Street Journal - USA
*...* Indeed, "The *Singularity* Is Near" is partly a cautionary tale
*...*Unlike the Luddites, Mr. Kurzweil argues that the best way of
*technology's* potential harm *...*

Deciphering a brave new
CNET News.com <http://News.com> - United States
*...* development and its exponential growth will usher in the
*Singularity*by 2045.
*...* Information *technology's* exponential curve will fuel advances in
biology, robotics *...*

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