[extropy-chat] Life Extension: creatine

Patrick patrick at kia.net
Fri Oct 7 20:36:22 UTC 2005

I take it regularly. It works for me. My metric is crosswords: I do
crosswords in bed before sleeping. When I've been taking creatine for a few
days, the crossword solutions come easier and I get more of them done in the
same time. I'm pretty sure it is a function of improving memory / recall.


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> Has anyone tried creatine for boosting brain activity?
> "Through its role in promoting an abundant pool of cellular energy,
> creatine helps support the healthy functioning of muscle, brain, and other
> body tissues. A substantial body of research demonstrates that creatine is
> a safe and effective tool for managing a wide range of pathologies, and
> may
> be a powerful anti-aging nutrient. Healthy adults may benefit from
> supplementing with two to three grams of creatine daily, while those
> seeking to address specific health concerns such as muscle loss or brain
> injury may benefit from five to ten grams of creatine daily."  (LE
> Magazine
> April 2005)
> Natasha 

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