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> Pictures of [Katie] Holmes from just a few days ago with [Tom] Cruise on 
> the set of "Mission: Impossible 3" are circulating on the Internet. 
> There's no sign of a pregnancy [ed.: Holmes is reportedly pregnant by 
> Cruise], but there is a woman in the background of every picture.
> She's been identified as *Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez*, a high-level minder 
> from the Church of Scientology. Her family has donated millions to 
> Scientology.

*Who is Jessica Rodriguez?*

'Since Holmes began studying Scientology, Jessica Rodriguez has spent nearly 
every moment with her. According to reports from former members, Rodriguez 
was born Jessica Feshbach, daughter of Joe and Cindy Feshbach and a member 
of the Feshbach family, among the wealthiest and most influential families 
in Scientology. (Cindy runs the Palo Alto Scientology org and the South of 
Market Scientology mission in San Francisco.) Jessica reached Scientology 
level OT IV (Operating Thetan level 4) in 2003 and may have reached higher 
levels by this point. She is a highly-trained Scientology auditor, and is 
specially trained to run Scientology security checks and deliver the False 
Purpose Rundown. She is a member of Scientology's Sea Org (Sea 
Organization), an elite and extremely dedicated group who pledge to serve 
Scientology for a billion years, lifetime after lifetime.'

Source: http://www.scientology-lies.com/faq/celebrities/katie-holmes.html

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