[extropy-chat] Extropy, Political Viewpoint and the Future of ExI's List

Greg Burch gregburch at gregburch.net
Sun Oct 9 21:09:50 UTC 2005

Oh, how I long to write about this subject!  Somehow, though, I never seem
to have the time I KNOW the subject demands and deserves.  But I'm working
on it.  It's not that I don't have things to say on the subject, but I have
become EXTREMELY cautious about putting half-thought-out ideas into the
sphere of discussion.  Among other reasons, for those that are being
discussed in the "Futures Past" thread.  But perhaps before too long I will
write something here on my political ideas.
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  Natasha wrote:
    Our Vice President, Greg Burch, said recently that ...we need a new
     political viewpoint -- one that far outreaches what we have known in
     the past - on that is more futuristic for a society that will find its
     in the future and help others along into that future.
  I'd like to hear more about these thoughts on the need for a new political

  I do wonder what sort of futurist society Greg in particular envisages.

  What will make this future society a society, how would it be envisaged
  to cohere? Will it be global or national?

  Brett Paatsch
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