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--- giorgio gaviraghi <giogavir at yahoo.it> wrote:

> Recently I read in New Scientist the news that a few
> astronomer working on  extrasolar  planet research,
> are considering adding the possible research of
> artificial space structures (Dyson spheres, artificial
> planets, other artificial space settlements) which
> would indicate the existence of Kardashev 2 type alien
> civilizations.
> While this could be an important addition to SETI
> activities , such assumption has another significance
> as well.
> By assuming the existence of space habitats for
> advanced societies they are discarding the possibility
> that an alien AI society could have taken over from
> its living creators and take control of their
> civilization after a singularity process similar to
> the one that we are forecasting.
> Such artificial society in fact would not need huge
> space habitats to recreate their planet of origin
> conditions  since they don’t need food, air,
> particular atmosphere or even gravity conditions but
> only energy.
> They can  even be nanobot size units with
> interconnected brains, they would dominate entire
> planetary systems and we would not be aware of their
> existence.
> Trillions of them could fit into a football ball size
> stellar ship and expand their domain if such were its
> main goals.
> Food for thought.
> I would appreciate comments on the above.

Sure, but what is the motivation to do so? IMHO you'd not see more than
an individual or a family of such entities on such a vessel. Even
uploads want room to stretch out and have control over their direction.
Imagine the contentiousness of an election among ten trillion uploads
over the course of the spaceship. Nobody would want to be captain of
such a vessel, it would sit in empty space to the ends of time until
people pulled their heads out and came to a decision. Self
determination would be very important to an uploaded entity. I imagine
them stopping at the occasional comet to construct a new vessel or so
for individuals who no longer want to go with the group. You'd have
bacterial rates of reproduction, but spread rates at velocities
significantly less than 1% of c.

Type 2 civilizations would exploit whole solar systems and build vast
structures. Our solar system's planetary mass equals more than a cubic
km of matter for each individual in the human race. Thats a lot of
play-doh. There are some anomalous solar systems being discovered. One
with gravel throughout long after it was expected the gravel would have
accreted further.

I think its good that astronomers are starting to take singularity
theory seriously in their assumptions for seti.

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