[extropy-chat] Unicorns was Futures Past

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 03:58:57 UTC 2005

--- Dirk Bruere <dirk.bruere at gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually, the creation of the first Unicorn *would*
> be a massive publicity
> event worldwide.
> It might boost the reputation of GE in some
> surprising circles.

Would the unicorn have to breed true? If the unicorns
did not have to be able to mate and create more
unicorns, it would be relatively easy and cost less
than $5 million US. Would Monsanto fund a 5 million
dollar grant proposal to make a unicorn or two? To
create a true-breeding unicorn at our current level of
understanding would be very difficult, cost much more,
and probably not succeed. 

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