[extropy-chat] A sad day

aiguy at comcast.net aiguy at comcast.net
Mon Oct 10 16:42:30 UTC 2005

>>I know that Robert Freitas is working on a book chapter where he
potentially is talking using nanotechnology >>to reduce our hazard function
to enable ~10,000 year lifetimes.  But it starts getting very hard to go
beyond >>that unless one starts discussing either stopping plate tectonics
or removing every human from the planet.

Nanotechnology should allow us to create building materials capable of
withstanding earthquake forces and other natural disasters much better and
at much lower cost than we are today.

Unfortunately such technologies will continue to see little or no adoption
in economically strapped areas of the world.

Is there any accurate early warning systems for quakes that would allow time
for evacuation as there is with hurricanes?

And I wonder if our modern architecture and building materials used in US
major cities would have held up much better in that strong of a quake.

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