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Mon Oct 10 18:46:47 UTC 2005

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 07:23:20PM +0100, Russell Wallace wrote:

> Interesting idea! What penalty would the resulting circuits pay, compared to
> those created in Intel and AMD's contemporary fabs, in performance _per
> watt_?

This would be very difficult to compare. Structures would be typically um instead
of nm (maybe nm with dip-pen). But deposition would be additive (layer
on top of each layer), not limited to 6-8 layers as with semiconductor
photolitho. Also there would be no penalty in yield, and substrates could
be easily dm^2 to m^2. Processes could be compatible with spintronics 
(as spin-polarized currents and spin valves at RT), hybrid analog/digital 
and scale into true molecular manufacturing.

Most importantly, anyone could prototype anything with no pesky "you need
to be 500 M$ tall to ride this ride" entry requirements. 

This is what is blocking AI today. The ticket to play this league is
out of most people's budgets. No one can afford to play high-risk
in current silicon fab business.

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