[extropy-chat] Extropy, Political Viewpoint and the Futureof ExI's List

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Tue Oct 11 11:04:55 UTC 2005

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> Futureof ExI's List
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> On 10/10/05, Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>> Natasha wrote:
>> With respect to yourself, I'm a bit like Dirk, I don't understand exactly
>> how you see politics. I get that you are not partly political and that 
>> you
>> do not want to see the
>> world through a prism that renders all human behaviour political but I
>> don't really understand the ambit of what it is that you are discussing 
>> when
>> you talk about politics.
> To clarify my position at least...
> I see politics as being the medium of interaction between people (or even
> the higher animals).
> Political ideologies are different because they are essentially a sibling 
> of
> religion in that they attempt to provide an all-encompassing worldview 
> that
> explains, predicts and controls (or tries to).
> By this definition Extropy is a political ideology.
> Dirk

BUT... Politics surely is not primarily about individuals and their 
interrelationships. It is about how groups relate to each other. The Polis 
is the city-state, politics dictate the will of the group-mind?
Between individual rights and and majority rule is a gap wide enough to 
accomodate some fairly hefty controversy...

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