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"Mike Lorrey" -- clearly the name is a political agenda.

"Mike" -- obviously chosen so as to assert the right to a loud public voice.

"Lorrey" -- obviously intended as a variant on 
the English "lorry", implying a right to freedom 
of movement along public and private roads, and 
the right to transport large objects.

Some of your points below are accurate, but 
others are really stretching things, especially on "Rational Thinking"


At 08:19 AM 10/11/2005, you wrote:

>--- "nvitamore at austin.rr.com" <nvitamore at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> >
> > >To clarify my position at least...
> > >I see politics as being the medium of interaction between people (or
> > >even the higher animals).
> >
> > Yes, this is what politics means.
> >
> > >Political ideologies are different because they are essentially a
> > >sibling of religion in that they attempt to provide an all-
> > >encompassing worldview that
> > >explains, predicts and controls (or tries to).
> >
> > >By this definition Extropy is a political ideology.
> >
> > "a political ideology is a certain ethical, set of ideals,
> > principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a social movement,
> > institution, class, or large group that explain how society should
> > work, and offer some political and cultural blueprint for a certain
> > social order. A political ideology largely concerns itself with how
> > to allocate power and to what ends it should be used. It can be a
> > construct of political thought, often defining political parties
> > and their policy. The popularity of an ideology is in part due to
> > the influence of moral entrepreneurs, who sometimes act in their
> > own interests."
> >
> > Extropy is a philosophical viewpoint.  Extropy does not have a
> > political thought that evokes "extropy" in its true sense.
>Lets see if this is true, or just weasel wording:
>"Perpetual Progress
>Extropy means seeking more intelligence, wisdom, and effectiveness, an
>open-ended lifespan, and the removal of political, cultural,
>biological, and psychological limits to continuing development.
>Perpetually overcoming constraints on our progress and possibilities as
>individuals, as organizations, and as a species. Growing in healthy
>directions without bound."
>The above advocates life extension, intelligence and wisdom
>enhancement, minimizing government and social restrictions on
>development. This is a political agenda, not just a philosophy.
>Extropy means affirming continual ethical, intellectual, and physical
>self-improvement, through critical and creative thinking, perpetual
>learning, personal responsibility, proactivity, and experimentation.
>Using technology — in the widest sense to seek physiological and
>neurological augmentation along with emotional and psychological
>This advocates the personal right to technology. This is also a
>political agenda.
>"Practical Optimism
>Extropy means fueling action with positive expectations ­ individuals
>and organizations being tirelessly proactive. Adopting a rational,
>action-based optimism or "proaction", in place of both blind faith and
>stagnant pessimism."
>Proaction is activism, i.e. political advocacy, a political agenda.
>"Intelligent Technology
>Extropy means designing and managing technologies not as ends in
>themselves but as effective means for improving life. Applying science
>and technology creatively and courageously to transcend "natural" but
>harmful, confining qualities derived from our biological heritage,
>culture, and environment."
>Use of technology to overcome biology, culture, and environment: a
>political agenda.
>"Open Society - information and democracy
>Extropy means supporting social orders that foster freedom of
>communication, freedom of action, experimentation, innovation,
>questioning, and learning. Opposing authoritarian social control and
>unnecessary hierarchy and favoring the rule of law and decentralization
>of power and responsibility. Preferring bargaining over battling,
>exchange over extortion, and communication over compulsion. Openness to
>improvement rather than a static utopia. Extropia ("ever-receding
>stretch goals for society") over utopia ("no place")."
>Hmmm. Advocating Freedom of communication, action, experimentation,
>innovation, questioning, and learning: all political agendas. Opposing
>authoritarianism, heirarchism and advocating law and decentralization,
>markets, openness. All political agenda.
>Extropy means valuing independent thinking, individual freedom,
>personal responsibility, self-direction, self-respect, and a parallel
>respect for others."
>More political agenda.
>"Rational Thinking
>Extropy means favoring reason over blind faith and questioning over
>dogma. It means understanding, experimenting, learning, challenging,
>and innovating rather than clinging to beliefs."
>Advocating reason over faith and dogma: also, a political agenda.
>The extropian principles are steeped in political ideology.
>Mike Lorrey
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