[extropy-chat] Extropy, Political Viewpoint and the Futureof ExI'sList

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 14:42:19 UTC 2005

--- "nvitamore at austin.rr.com" <nvitamore at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> Mike wrote:
> >Please stop with the absurdist weaseling, it does you no benefit.
> >Either accept that the principles are a political agenda, or rewrite
> >them (once again).
> Mike, you have once again started using derogatory wording for the
> purpose
> of intentionally insulting list members.  This is unacceptable.
> You have been warned in the past, but you continue to lash out at
> anyone who does not agree with you. 
> It is tiresome and disruptive.

Natasha, deconstructing my name and calling it 'political' is
absurdist, and that is descriptive, not derogatory.

Also, "weasel wording" is a common wiki term for writing used to cover
up or sneak in opinion without support. It also is not derogatory, it
is descriptive.

Mike Lorrey
Vice-Chair, 2nd District, Libertarian Party of NH
Founder, Constitution Park Foundation:
Personal/political blog: http://intlib.blogspot.com

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