[extropy-chat] crockumentary: the future of food

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Wed Oct 12 13:46:16 UTC 2005

Those of us following nutrigenomics do recognize that the potential 
exists in all foods for combinatorial or stand-alone
modification of genetic expression.  Normal, everyday foods upregulate 
normal genetic interactions.
We are discovering some food components that go beyond the staus quo and 
as genetic marker screening
becomes more cost effective gene activity will be more closely monitored 
as no doubt food like drug can effect
genetic expression.

Whether a roundup-ready soy protein can by itself turn of or on 
dangerous gene switch combinations
is what the current anti-biotech-luddites have the predjudices towards.

The thought of monitoring these potential changes from consumption of 
novel crops is valid.
But in my opinion the more radical new food combinations have more value 
to watch than
"new-protein configg'ed wheat".

What we should be watching is the interaction between the commonly 
available foods and supplements both from a positive and negative aspect.

When I make my chocolate/coffee/buffaloberry leaf/hemp bud/ fruit yogurt 
this morning I am
combining it shortly after  with amantadine, alpha-lioic acid, B-12, 
folic acid, multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, omega3 and 6 oils,  
lipitor, garlic, vitaminE, Conjugated linoleic acid, and ginseng and a 
cranberry-grape beverage.

This all goes into a gut and addtionally is bioreacted by gut microbes.

Then I have other goodies consumed at other times of the day.
And of course when I go to the city some custom smorg food combinations.
Add to that an occaisional one of those vitamin/stimulant blend energy 
drinks and you have

The chances are far higher that I am switching novel gene combinations 
on and off than the guy eating a GMO soyburger.

Medicine should be tagging us with chip based microarrays and attempting 
to analyse this as out of the nutrigenomic soup
may come some unique nutritional do's and don'ts.

It is from this aspect that I think the anti-biotech food people  are 
doing some marginal good .... in suggesting that they believe
that what you eat does make you different from your neighbour.

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