[extropy-chat] the medium is the message

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sat Oct 15 06:47:21 UTC 2005

'Message in the Sky'
Authors: S. Hsu, A. Zee
'We argue that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) 
provides a stupendous opportunity for the Creator 
of our universe (assuming one exists) to have
sent a message to its occupants, using known physics. 
The medium for the message is unique. We elaborate on 
this observation, noting that it requires only careful 
adjustment of the fundamental Lagrangian, but no direct
intervention in the subsequent evolution of the universe.'

Dave Bacon http://dabacon.org/pontiff/?p=1098 
especially likes the last paragraph of that paper:
'In conclusion, we believe that we have raised 
an intriguing possibility: a universal message might 
be encoded in the cosmic background. When more accurate 
CMB data becomes available, we urge that it be analyzed 
carefully for possible patterns. This may be even more 
fun than SETI.' 

I hope that Guy Consolmagno will add a new chapter at the
end of his new book http://www.indcatholicnews.com/et.html 
like: 'Would humans recognise intelligent 'verbum' 
if they see it?'

But how can we distinguish messages from CBR?

In general a message transmitted over a limited channel 
(limited bandwith) is not easily distinguishable from 
random noise to a receiver who is not familiar with
the language, or the coding, of the message itself.

Messages might encode information using direction, 
or timing, or polarization, or energy, or ...
Hawking black-hole radiation?


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