[extropy-chat] Re: A view of what politics is

Jack Parkinson isthatyoujack at icqmail.com
Sun Oct 16 05:04:33 UTC 2005

Rafal said
  On 10/15/05, Jack Parkinson <isthatyoujack at icqmail.com> wrote:

  I posted this before - I still think the best definition of politics is:
  relationships between groups! At any level - from office factions to
  negotiations between superpowers. Politics is only incidentally social
  decision making. It is wholly about interacting communities.

  ### Is buying T-shirts from China a form of politics?
  No! Unless you are doing this as an expression of group values concerning
Chinese group values...

  Is imprisoning an individual dissenter not a form of politics?
  Yes! The group expresses it'd disapproval of dissent - by sanctions
against representatives of groups that oppose it...

  I think something is missing from your definition of politics.

  I don't think anything is missing!

  Jack Parkinson

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