[extropy-chat] Alternative to Cryo, was TheAmazingCellularRepairdevice

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sun Oct 16 09:57:04 UTC 2005

Brett Paatsch wrote:

 >I don't see how any future technology could put your
atoms back together by rebuilding the organic chemistry

So, what, are you saying there's a proof that this can't be done, or 
asserting that because you can't imagine how it might be done, that in 
fact it can't be done?
(*any* future technology? any at all? - that's a hell of a claim!)

Remember, nobody could see how Bumblebees could possibly fly, either.

I wouldn't rule something like this out just because i couldn't see how 
to do it. In a way, this is what cryonics is all about, isn't it? A 
gamble on future capabilities (and motivations).

But anyway, what does it matter if the recreated body is exactly the 
Spike body that was originally scanned or not? The only thing that does 
matter is the identity of the mind that comes along with recreating the 

You are thinking in terms of 'Star-Trek' style assembler tech., it 
seems. What about tissue engineering tech.? I don't think it's 
inconceivable that something along these lines couldn't be guided by 
information from a scanned cryopreserved body and brain. Don't ask me 
for details, i'm just saying it's conceivable. I doubt you'd have to 
build cells from the molecules up, for example, just put cells together 
according to a scheme, maybe with some tweaking of the characteristics 
of those cells as you go along. (For that matter, what's wrong with 
growing a complete body from a single cell, as long as you could somehow 
guide the development of the neural pathways along specific paths, to 
end up with a brain identical in all the important ways to the original 

It always makes me uncomfortable when someone (especially in the ^H 
community) says something is impossible, and even more so when it's 
something to do with biology.

(Sorry, just re-read the post, and you didn't actually say it's 
impossible, but you did imply it)

Of course, all this biology could be moot anyway, if you can just 
recreate the whole thing in VR, and take it from there. Isn't this the 
goal of many of us anyway? (actually, that's an interesting question in 
itself - I know some ^H's want to stay biological, and some want to 
shuck it off asap. I wonder what the distribution is?)


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