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Dirk Bruere wrote:

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>     Then the Manhatten Project if there is to one should be to connect the
>     minds of all humans so that the
>     underlying  causes of sociopathic violence evaporate.
> There's that unspoken liberal assumption again - that if we truly 
> understand the other person's POV then we will all get along fine.
> In my experience the opposite is just as likely - that the more we 
> know of someone the more we dislike them.
> Dirk
What I was getting at was that that is a situation we are already in and 
in the end must find ways to deal with that do
not require mass murder to relieve.  Human nature however founded has 
some nasty features that have to be worked around
or every so often a nut case will come along and wipe out a big whack of 
us or our physical achievements  with the WMD of the day.

No one wants the "soma"  method.  Sex , drugs and rock and roll worked 
for some in the the 60's...ha ha.   Maybe sports and gaming  and other 
highly competitive pastimes are a good way out.
Extreme Connectivity makes more chance to work aggression/psycho-social 
incompatilities  out one on one  regularly over time rather than with a 
single destructive bang.

This is going to be a toughie to solve.  It has survived since the 
earliest beginnings of our species.

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