[extropy-chat] Re: A view of what politics is

Herb Martin HerbM at learnquick.com
Fri Oct 21 23:43:43 UTC 2005

Acy James Stapp
> The key point in politics, which was touched on by BillK and 
> Guu1i0, is *power*. Politics is about power and dominance 
> over others. But it's not about the raw exercise of power, 
> it's about the increase of power.

That may (or may not) be what political practice among
[some group of] politicians concerns mostly in modern
life, but politics is also about freedom from the power
of others.

And so in that sense, politics is about the decrease in 
the power of others (e.g., the monarch vs. democracy, 
opposition party vs. party "in power", organizing 
common defense by either police or armies) to affect

Glass half full, or half empty?

Technically, the glass has some amount of fluid in it.

Herb Martin

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