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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Oct 23 14:44:25 UTC 2005

At 01:32 PM 10/20/2005, Joseph  wrote:
>Damien Broderick wrote:
>>At 11:47 AM 10/20/2005 -0500, N wrote:
>>>Extropes, Transhumanists, futurists and all other list members -
>>>What do you think about the content, look and feel of Extropy 
>>>Institute's website located at http://www.extropy.org
>>The very first thing we see on the banner is:
>>         The original
>>         Transhumanis
>>Is that meant to be "Transhumanists"? "Transhumans"? "Transhumani"?

I hope this reads correctly now.

>Shows up as "The original Transhumanism" fine on my browser (Firefox 1.0.6 
>on a screen set to 1400x1050).
>As far as the design itself goes, I like it. It's crisp, very professional 
>looking. I like the emphasis on the three main projects right on the front 

Thanks for your comments Joseph.


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