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Lifespan Pharma Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Mon Oct 24 00:46:46 UTC 2005

Oilseeds are grown to allow diversity in crop rotations as agriculture 
becomes more intensive.

 From an economic sense food is a cheap by-product of  non-viable 
economics coaxed
along by economic carrots from societies farm  Cash-Back programs.
Valuable non-food things must be the product of agriculture or food 
production which otherwise  is more of a public
service than a highly profitable business.

Horses for riding and show and racing have value the horse meat is a 
Grapes for wine  and herbal medicine VS fibre for industrial use.

So grain crops and food crops must be part of plants that produce 
extractable or milleable by-products
to justify the food production part.
ei.  the phytochemicals in the canola/rape  plant foliage must be worth 
enough as  food and industrial ingredients
to justify the majority of the resource petrochemical  inputs  to be 
used to simply produce more  petrochemical inputs.

Dirk Bruere wrote:

> And the politically correct are OK about converting farmland from food 
> to fuel production in an increasingly hungry world?
> Dirk

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