[extropy-chat] IBM: Global Innovation Outlook in Brazil

Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 16:44:11 UTC 2005

Dear friends,
     I will be in Sao Paulo for two weeks following an invitation by IBM to participate in their Global Innovation Outlook (www.ibm.com/gio). This is a fascinating effort by IBM and I would love to have ideas from you. Close to 100 international experts are gathering to express their views about innovation and the future. You can contact me privately at jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com or call me in Sao Paulo at (011)5051-0765.

    On Saturday morning, October 29, I am organizing a brunch for old and new friends:
> Richard's Restaurant (antigo Poderoso). Tel: (011)5051-3025
> Avenida República do Libano (frente da Hélio Pellegrino)
> Sábado 29 de outubro, 10:00am (brunch R$ 14-16/pessoa)
     Looking forward to seeing you in Brazil, futuristically yours,

La vie est belle!

Yosé (www.cordeiro.org)

Caracas, Venezuela, Americas, TerraNostra, Solar System, Milky Way, Multiverse

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