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On 25/10/05, The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > An ecological niche for smaller carnivores
> > becomes apparent.  They could be built with
> > a relatively small but powerful jaw like a
> > pit bull and a short but heavily muscled
> > neck.  The relatively small carnivore could
> > make its living by running past a large
> > carnivore and ripping a hunk of flesh out
> > of the big guy's leg, then running off with
> > that one bite before the larger carnivore
> > could react.  Do you suppose this is how
> > velociraptor velocirapted?
> I don't think the velociraptors that were not starving
> would employ such a tactic against an adult. Just like
> hyenas don't eat lions and wolves don't eat bears.
> It's just way too high risk to give those that
> employed it many offspring. While T rex might have
> been bulkier and less manueverable, it also had a much
> larger stride. Young T rexes were probably fair game.
> Although killer whale pods will prey on sperm whales
> from time to time so maybe their was an occasional
> take down of an old or wounded T rex by velociraptor
> but it surely was not a staple food item. Please do
> give the king of the tyrant lizards its due.

This has reminded me of a game on the BBC's Science and Nature
website, "Big Al", where you play the part of an Allosaurus trying to
reach adulthood. I've played this with my kids, it's strangely

>From the site:
"Big Al game

Eat enough to grow from a hatchling to an adult male Allosaurus.

There are four levels to progress through as you gain more weight. At
the start of each level you will be asked a question. How you answer
will affect your life as Big Al."

It's pretty tricky, especially early on. You can only successfully
kill tiny things and you need to eat a a certain rate to survive.
Bigger things will kill and eat you. If you are being hunted, staying
close to your mother helps I think, but iirc she eats you sometimes.
It's a tough life!


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