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> > And the politically correct are OK about converting farmland from food
> to
> > fuel production in an increasingly hungry world?
> >
> > Dirk
> >
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> > ... Ours is a decreasingly hungry world:
> Think Spike said that? Unclear from the dated snip...
> Anyway, the UN would disagree with you about decreasing hunger, as would
> just about any NGO you might like to consult on this topic...

Jack I just googled on globesity and found a number of references
that claim that obesity is becoming a greater health threat to
developing countries than hunger.  Producing more food will
not solve the problem of some starving while others in the
same country strangling their arteries with flab.


>From one of the references:

"Globesity" is a term coined by the World Health Organization to describe
the growing phenomenon of expanding waistlines around the globe. No longer
limited to rich countries, Barry M. Goggins of The Babson Staff Letter notes
that obesity, (generally defined as 30 to 40 pounds overweight,) "appears to
be surpassing famine and malnutrition as a problem in countries striving for
economic development."






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