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David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Sun Oct 30 03:23:48 UTC 2005

Jack Parkinson wrote:

>Regarding David's comments on not seeing how there can be more than one
>economics. My gut reaction is 'No! nononono!' Economic systems are two a

I did not write "economic system." Nor did you.

>A properly formulated reasoning on this will need to wait until the time is
>available - but Marshall Sahlins wrote a famous essay back in the 70's in
>which he made a good case for the existence of an 'economics of plenty' in
>prehistoric times - "Stone Age Economics."
>I am also thinking of the essay on Agalmics (which is easily found on the
>net) and the characterization of Manfred (agalmic entrepreneur) in Charlie
>Stross's 'Accelerando.'
>Finally: we already have an interesting 'economics of plenty' subculture
>already in operation - namely the bit torrent/P2P networks. And very
>successful they are too...

I look forward to your properly formulated reasoning. I don't see how 
there's more than one economics, just as there's only one physics. A 
niche behavior pattern does not make for a distinct science.

Also, whatever the linguistic coinage, that there may be an abundance 
of some resource does not negate the inevitability of scarcities in 
other resources. There has always and will always be a reason for 
trade and trade-offs.

-- David.

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