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Sat Aug 5 15:21:22 UTC 2006

Here (Australia), if I want to see a doctor for free I might have to
search the phonebook a bit (actually I know a couple off the top of my
head), or I can go to an expensive GP and pay maybe A$20 for the
privelege. Never have to wait though.

Jodie and I had both our kids in the public hospital system. First
time was pretty mediocre, second time was great. Both were high
intervention births (cezareans, first one my daughter was in intensive
care for a few days). All of this, and the prenatal classes and
postnatal support, cost me nothing. Well, actually we had to pay for
coffees and stuff in the hospital cafeteria, but that's it.

Long live socialised medicine!


On 17/06/06, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <sentience at pobox.com> wrote:
> Charlie Stross wrote:
> >
> > Oh yeah. Last time I had to go see my GP I was sitting in his
> > examining room all of five hours after I picked up the phone. I keep
> > *hearing* about the alleged one year waiting times, but I've never
> > met anyone who actually *did* have to wait a year -- or even a week
> > -- to see their GP.
> Thanks for the data - always good to hear from the front lines.
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