[extropy-chat] Gilgamesh Movie?

P.J. Manney & E. Gruendemann atomictiki at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 18:31:27 UTC 2006

  As far as I can tell, reading between the Hollywood lines of the above link, they had a wish-fulfillment start date of April 2005 that was not met.  Since it is not mentioned anywhere that counts (like www.imdb.com ), I suspect that actors and/or financing fell through at the last minute, or more likely, the project was never really all was in place in the first place.  Financing and casting projects like this is akin to the guy on Venice Beach who juggles a bowling ball, a running chain saw and an apple, while eating the apple.  Few people can do it and more often than not, it all ends up falling apart at a producer's feet.
  It also seems, from other links, to have been turned into a direct to DVD release as well, which means they couldn't get a theatrical distributor (to show it in movie theaters), which means their financing and casting might have changed yet again.  So now the production is in eternal "pre-production.'  But it may still get made.  In Hollywood, much stranger things have happened.

Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:
The following came from a 2003 story. Does anyone here know what is
the status of the Gilgamesh movie?

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