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Tue Aug 15 15:40:21 UTC 2006

Esteemed colleagues,
Dear friends,

I wish to call your attention to an upcoming IAA conference that may 
find your interest -- possibly to the point of motivating you to contribute 
to it!

Below I have included a summary of the official Call for Papers as you 
can find at <http://www.congrex.nl/06a12/>, or through the ESA site 
<http://conferences.esa.int/>. I shall follow up in the next few days with 
a message outlining some of my own ideas for creating sessions/ 
thematic areas.

You can give me your feedback simply by replying to this message, as 
the list is moderated.

With my best wishes,

Marco C Bernasconi (Dr)
Member IAA, IEEE & SSIT; Senior Member, AIAA.
Email:	mcb at ieee.org
		marco.c.bernasconi at alumni.ethz.ch
---- CfP Starts

		The 2nd Space and Society Conference
		"Space Options for the 21st Century"
		27 February - 1 March 2007
		ESA/ ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


This conference follows on from the 1st Impact of Space on Society 
conference held as a stand-alone International Academy of 
Astronautics (IAA) event held in Budapest in March 2005 and is 
intended to gather experts interested in this broad, complex and 
international topic at a time when the world is celebrating not only the 
50th anniversary of spaceflight, but also the 50th anniversary of the 
International Geophysical/Polar Year. The conference is hosted by the 
European Space Agency (ESA) at its large R&D establishment in 
Noordwijk, The Netherlands and is co-organized with the Canadian 
Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) and the International Academy 
of Astronautics. It is anticipated to hold a third such conference, 
organized by CASI and co-organized with ESA and the IAA in Canada 
in 2008.

The conference will explore some of the many important and critical 
issues which are having an impact on society such as global warming 
and climate change, natural disasters, energy needs and resources, 
water management and security with a view to emphasizing how space 
systems, technologies and applications are helping to provide viable 
solutions to terrestrial problems.

The conference will also examine the role of innovation, creativity and 
spin-in in conceptualizing, designing, developing and building 
technologies for space exploration and how this can be harnessed for 
societal good. To this end, entrepreneurs will be able to show how their 
ideas and concepts to utilize space technologies for new products and 
services can help meet society's needs.


Papers are sought which address such topics as:

	- Critical issues and choices facing society in the not so distant 
	- How space developments and space technologies can 
realistically provide solutions to urgent terrestrial challenges
	- Space exploration as a catalyst for providing solutions to 
terrestrial problems
	- Achieving sustainable development through space activities
	- National and global space policy issues and priorities
	- The impact that space activities are having upon society and 
how the public perceives them
	- Benefits of space in our daily life - technology transfers and 
	- Innovation and creativity in space systems design and 
	- New advances and developments outside the space sector 
which could spun-in to space programmes
	- Ethical and humanitarian issues of space activity
	- Ensuring greater public awareness of the role played by 
space systems in preserving Earth


Abstracts, limited to one A4 page, should be submitted preferably via 
the on-line form. Submitted abstracts should be in English and should 
contain the following information:

	- title of paper
	- name(s) of author(s)
	- affiliation of author(s)
	- a short (maximum 500 words) summary of the paper
	- full contact details of presenting author, including postal and 
e-mail addresses, phone and fax
	- special visual equipment required

Abstract should be received by 13 October 2006. Authors will be 
notified of the decision of the Programme Committee by 17 November 

Full papers should be submitted by 2 February 2007 for inclusion in the 


In order to obtain an interesting and lively discussion of the important 
issues facing society and the role that space activities do and can play 
in this respect, the organizers hope to bring together a group of leading 
environmentalists, sociologists, economists, philosophers, policy 
makers and industrialists to interact with visionary and specialist space 
experts to explore and discuss what viable options space development 
and space technologies can realistically provide for society in the 
critical years ahead.


The conference is organized jointly by the European Space Agency, 
the International Academy of Astronautics and the Canadian 
Aeronautics and Space Institute.

Programme Committee

Chairman: David Raitt (ESA, The Netherlands)
Pierre Brisson (ESA, The Netherlands)
Olivier Arino (ESA, Italy)
Arthur Woods (SpaceOp, Switzerland)
Marco Bernasconi (MCB Consultants, Switzerland)
Karl Doetsch (DISC, Canada)
---- CfP Ends

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