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>Will Technology Revolutionize Boinking?
>By Brian Alexander
>Call it lack of imagination, but my fantasy of sex in the future is
>almost entirely based on Anne Francis wearing a metallic mini-dress in
>the movie "Forbidden Planet."
>Others are not so constrained. As recent news reports indicate, we're
>at that 1939-World's-Fair moment in which there's just enough new
>technology out there to spark some creative thinking about the shape
>of boinking to come.
>When visionaries like Natasha Vita-More, an artist, futurist and
>transhumanist, look through mental telescopes, they talk about
>"neuromacrosensing" and millions of nanobots coursing "throughout the
>body communicating with different cells, sending signals to the brain
>so the whole body acts as a sensory communications system."
>That ought to make sex feel pretty good, but you'll have to wait. Such
>things are a long way off. But other changes are coming much sooner. A
>few have already arrived.
>Earlier this month, Palatin Technologies announced that a trial of its
>new drug for post-menopausal female sexual dysfunction succeeded in
>rejuvenating desire in women who had little of it. The drug, a
>so-called melanocortin agonist, acts through the central nervous
>Other companies have tried to gain approval for sex-stimulating drugs,
>mainly testosterone, but have failed so far. Still, whether this new
>one ultimately proves successful, its development indicates that the
>age of pharmaceutically enhanced sex is almost upon us. (Available
>impotence drugs like Viagra do not really enhance sex, they just make
>it possible.)
>"One thing we will see is increasing awareness of and control over the
>neurochemical basis of lust and desire," says James Hughes, a futurist
>philosopher and author at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., who has
>written extensively about the future of sex.
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