[extropy-chat] Bainbridg today in Transvision06 on personalitycapture vs info-resurrection

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Sat Aug 19 17:43:47 UTC 2006

On 8/19/06, spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> 1. I pointed this out at Extro III nearly a decade ago in slide 16
> "Super-longevity Requirements" and slide 17 "Distributed Intelligence"...
> I remember that excellent pitch!  Please sir, was that not at Extro 4?  At
> Berzerkeley?  In 2000?

Spike, according to the ExI Conferences archive [1], the talk I gave at
Extro3 at the Double Tree (Red Lion) Hotel was titled "Paths to
Immortality".  I have a Powerpoint file which starts with that that title in
the first slide and contains the slides mentioned above.  The file is dated
10 Aug 1997 which agrees with the conference dates.  I do have an alternate
powerpoint file which is dated 1998 which contains a subset of that text but
is much larger, presmably due to additional images.  The images were being
prepared in the mid-late '97 time frame and were my early attempts at
explaning the Matrioshka Brain concepts.  Unfortunately the file is
partially corrupted and I am unsure as to where it might have been presented
and who might have seen it.

Extro4 was the conference at Berkeley in August of 1999 and the archive says
that the talk was on "Genomes, Biobots, and Nanobots: Implications for 21st
Century Medicine" [2].  I am not sure that I still have that presentation or
my "Death to Death" lead-in to the talks by Campisi, Walford, Harley, etc.
I believe those talks in part contributed to Brian Alexander writing the
Wired "Don't Die,  Stay Pretty" article in which I was so glowingly referred
to as "a Harvard dropout and failed biotech entrepreneur" [3].   I do have a
derivative of the GBN talk that I gave to introduce Nanomedicine Vol. I at
the A4M conference in December of 1999.  That was a rather amazing
presentation as it is the only "academic" presentation I've ever witnessed
that resulted in a significant fraction of the audience giving a standing
ovation. [4]


1. http://www.extropy.org/conferences.htm
2. Extro4 was also the conference where I objected to some claims being made
by Dr. John Campbell.   I believe I behaved a bit better at Extro5.
3. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/8.01/forever.html
While Brian's statements might be considered accurate were not sourced from
me and do not convey the complete context of those periods in my life, nor
"The glass is half full" view of the specific events.
4. I attended something like 50+ academic and academic/commercial
conferences from ~1994 thru ~2002 and standing ovations are, in my
experience, very rare.
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