[extropy-chat] Majorana in superposition

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sun Aug 20 14:06:34 UTC 2006

Amara Graps:
> Oh my!! (laughing)
> about the arXiV paper:
> http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0605001

There is a difference between what
friends and collegues (Fermi, Amaldi,
Pontecorvo, Segrè, etc.) wrote about
him and what many outsiders are writing

The reality is that M. was a true genius.
My father (a friend of M.) told me he was
able, at school,  to translate perfectly
a long page from Greek to Latin, or viceversa,
in 5 minutes, and without dictionary.
According to Fermi [1] he was like Galilei,
or Newton.

But then he became 'mad' (or something like that)
and - it seems so - also a Nazi supporter.

There are interesting (unpublished) note-books
and papers and lectures.
In general these papers appear to be baffling.
That is to say that their contents are well
ahead of that time, and sometimes also of
this time (i.e. see his 'unification' of
the Schroedinger and the Dirac equations).

[1] Enrico Fermi: "Al mondo ci sono varie categorie
di scienziati; gente di secondo e terzo rango
che fan del loro meglio ma non vanno molto lontano.
C'è gente di primo rango che arriva a scoperte
fondamentali per lo sviluppo della scienza.
Ma poi ci sono i geni, come Galileo e Newton.
Ebbene Ettore era uno di quelli. Majorana aveva
quel che nessun altro al mondo ha; sfortunatamente
gli mancava quel che è invece comune trovare negli
altri uomini, il semplice buon senso".

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